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OziExplorer [4WD mode]

21 Navigator [General] - Legend for Hema Explorer 150k map

The new Hema Explorer 150k map has a new colour palette and symbology. You can download a legend as a PDF file for the new map by clicking the link below. About…

22 OziExplorer [4WD mode] - Stops at "Loading Toolbars" message and does not load

Sometimes, when starting OziExplorer, it may stop with the "Loading Toolbars" message displayed at the lower-left of the screen. This can mean that either your…

23 OziExplorer [4WD mode] - How to use the "Name Search" feature to find named locations

The 4WD mode (OziExplorer) software in your Navigator contains a database of Australian place names. The database is called hema australia.names. This file is on…