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Does Hema Maps have a Windows 8 tablet app?

Author: Robert Taylor Reference Number: AA-00338 Views: 6467 Created: 2014-04-28 20:37 Last Updated: 2014-07-01 10:39 75 Rating/ 1 Voters

At this stage, Hema have no plans regarding a Windows 8 app.

That MAY change down the track as the platform matures.

In saying this, the OziExplorer program, which can load the Hema maps, and runs on a standard x86 PC, will run on a Surface Pro tablet, but NOT on a Windows 8 RT tablet. However, OziExplorer is definitely NOT optimised for use on a tablet device, so has no touch screen capability etc.

There are essentially 2 families of Windows 8, running on the following:

  1. Windows 8 which runs only on Non-Intel (usually ARM based) CPU type tablets. These tablets are referred to as Surface RT or just plain old "Surface" tablets. You cannot run a typical Windows PC program on a Window 8 RT tablet device.
  2. Windows 8 which runs on x86 CPU architecture tablets. These are known as Surface Pro tablets.
  3. Windows 8 which runs on x86 CPU architecture PCs and laptops. This is more or less the same version which runs on the Surface pro tablets.

Category 3 has become somewhat confusing in recent times, as now you can buy laptops which have a convertible screen which pretty much makes the laptop into a tablet. The same provisos apply as to point 3 above. Even though the tablet runs the full x86 CPu version of Windows 8, these devices would not be considered to be Surface Pro tablets.

Basically, any software which runs under Windows 8 on a "normal" desktop or laptop PC, should run fine on a Windows 8 Surface Pro device.

This will not be true of the Windows 8 RT devices. The Windows 8 RT devices should be thought of more in the same vein as other existing tablet devices such as Android and iPad devices etc.

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